Mr T, Brixham – Fear of flying

I visited Francesca as I had a flight already booked and was at that point going to have to take something to ‘calm my nerves’, although I had flown before it was several years ago and had since developed a fear of enclosed spaces including being in lifts.

I had two hypnotherapy sessions with Francesca, she made me feel so calm and relaxed . The third session I had Francesca and I worked on my fear of being in a lift, she had mentioned this on our first session and at that point there was no way I was going to set foot in a lift let alone travel in one. Francesca helped me to feel more comfortable in the lift, firstly travelling with me, then I went in on my own – something I did not think possible. The following week I took my flight, I felt excited about it, when the time came I can honestly say that not only did I enjoy the flight but I even went in the lift with several other people.

I owe a lot to Francesca, she helped me to overcome both of my fears in a short space of time, I no longer dread going in lifts, before, I would have taken the stairs. I’m so grateful and can highly recommend going to see her.