Services and Pricing



Hypno-Coaching – available January 2021

Hypnosis maybe able to help with any of the following, if you do not see what you require help with below please do not hesitate in contacting me as I still maybe able to help you.

General/Social and Health anxieties.

Fear of Flying.

A fear of being in enclosed spaces including lifts.

Afraid of spiders, dogs or other animals.

Smoking/Vaping cessation.

Weight Loss.

Confidence Boosting

Public speaking

Exam nerves

Poor sleep


Initial Consultation for 1 – 1.5 hour/s is FREE until the end of March 2021

Hypnotherapy £40 per 1 – 1.5 hour session (3-5 sessions are normally required, sometimes less depending on the person and what the treatment is required for).

Follow on sessions £35 for 30 minutes, these are “top up” sessions.

Out of clinic sessions £30 (These sessions are for clients whose therapy would be enhanced with sessions outside of the clinic eg: social anxiety/fear of lifts etc and is part of their ongoing treatment). DO NOT INCLUDE home consultations.