Why hypnotherapy?

I would not have even thought of hypnotherapy a few years ago if it wasn’t for a chance conversation with a friend who said they had just re-trained.

At a mutual friends wedding I met a friend who I knew had recently re-trained but didn’t know what in. They told me they had recently qualified as a hypnotherapist and as a family member was struggling with anxiety was interested to see whether or not they could help, indeed they could and a few weeks later we were at their office for an initial consultation.

Social anxiety is so dabilitating and can make venturing outside nearon impossible let alone trips to the supermarket, bus journeys and other day to day activities be exhausting if possible at all!

The want/need to change needs to be there in the first place, you cannot make people want to change. It could be very “easy” to decide to spend all your time either in your home or the safety of your bedroom, but what kind of life is that to lead? Apart from a relatively “safe” one it certainly would not be very rewarding or interesting. However, if your anxiety means you get; heart palputations, sweaty palms, stomach pains, hot sweats, negative thoughts, overwhelming sensations of people looking at or judging you why would you want to leave your “safe place”?

Deciding you want to make the change is the biggest step, the one that could and can bring the best and biggest reward to you, that of having “your life back”. Being able to accept invitations, make bus journeys, attend appointments and lots of other activities that so many people take for granted of being able to do.

Hypnotherapy works with the sub conscious mind, it is gentle and allows you to make the decisions that you want to make over a short period of time, normally between 3-5 sessions is all that is required.

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