HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let’s hope 2021 leads to be a better year for everyone! 2020 was certainly a year of change for all of us and for some a year of more uncertainty. One thing is for sure, a lot of us have started hobbies we never realised we wanted to do, hopefully, spent more time outside and with luck spent some time doing those jobs that we always seem to put off!

During the last couple of months I have spent quite a lot of time on my continual professional development which means I am now able to offer the benefits of hypnotherapy to both children and adults, which I think is very exciting!

Welcome to Franz Hypnotherapy, my name is Francesca Harris and I’m a qualified hypnotherapist registered with the General Hypnotherapy Council.

Locally trained at The Devon School of Hypnotherapy in Paignton.

Hypnotherapy is therapy under hypnosis, a gentle way of moving forward with any problems or phobias that you may have be it wanting to lose weight, stop your fear of spiders or be more self confident I may be able to help you to move forward.

NEW for 2021 – Hypno-Coaching. Is there something in your life that you would like to change or feel that you have more control over? Please contact me via the contacts page for more details.

I am now a Stress and Anxiety Practitioner, thanks to my training with Helen Breward.

Due to COVID-19 I am offering consultations over Zoom and some face to face, please contact me for more details. All of my appointments follow the COVID restrictions as set out by the General Hypnotherapy Council, of which I am a current member.

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